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Save time and effort

Know exactly where your clients are located when booking appointments. With our built-in geolocation features, PianoCal automatically calculates drive times and builds efficient schedules each day. You control the parameters used by the intelligent booking algorithm.

Your downtime between appointments decreases, and you spend less time driving. This means your work is done faster, and you end up with more money in your pocket. It's also better for the environment!

PianoCal has transformed my scheduling. My secretary loves it! Geo-locating appointments is so easy now, I can get more done in less time which in turn gets me home earlier at the end of the day if that’s what I want, or lets me add an additional appointment to a regular day. Either way I win!

Don Coté, RPT, Ottawa

PianoCal itinerary for a day

Connect with your clients

The telephone is inconvenient for your clients, and repeated attempts to connect drain your time and energy. Make it easier! PianoCal reminds your clients when their pianos are due for servicing and allows your clients to book an appointment online, directly into your calendar! You set your working days and schedule, so you only get appointments when you want them.

PianoCal also sends appointment confirmations and reminders to your clients. This helps you avoid no-shows!

I really like your new scheduling programme to set time and day for tuning our piano. It is so much more efficient than the former "phone tag" system. I get your email, go to your link and view available dates. I check with my calendar, check with my wife, make up my mind and enter my desired date. No fuss, no muss: my piano just gets tuned as easily as possible.

Dr. Michael J. Best, Professor Emeritus - Combinatorics & Optimization, University of Waterloo

Facebook integration and automated emails to clients

Generate new business

Did you know that allowing your clients to choose from a menu of services makes them more likely to choose additional work? You define your services, prices, and durations, and PianoCal plans exactly the right amount of time for each appointment. Don't worry; your client only sees services that you decide should be visible on the client booking site.

I have never been that good at upselling cleaning or voicing because it would involve setting up another appointment or mess up my schedule. When my customers choose it themselves, PianoCal adds the time and schedules accordingly. These add-on services brought in $105 in October, $180 in November, and $340 in December, more than covering the cost of the system. PianoCal is an unexpected (and brilliant!) contribution to our trade that definitely makes my business easier to run and increases my income.

Ron Berry, RPT, former National PTG President, Indianapolis

Your client can choose the services for each piano

Empower your clients

Make it easy for new clients to sign up with you. With a simple click from your website or social media, they can add themselves to your client database! But you don't lose control because you are able to approve or decline each new client before they can book an appointment.

You can also let your existing clients book appointments from your Facebook page or your own website without requiring a login. Your calendar fills up with less effort than ever before!

We give you one line of code to paste into your existing website to empower your clients to connect with you.

We like your service, in particular the self manage appointment. It is quick, easy. I see when was last time the piano was tuned. Thank you for your state of the art service and keep us in "tune."

Ruth Song, Administrator
Knox Presbyterian, Waterloo

Either you or your client chooses the desired services for each piano

Customize for your business

You have invested in building your brand and getting known in your area. PianoCal allows you to upload your own logo and to use your own company name. PianoCal can even send emails from your own email address!

PianoCal not only increases productivity and profits, but makes piano service an enjoyable experience for the technician who uses it.

Nathaniel Riggle, Piano Technician, Portland

Customized logo and company name

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